Moët & Chandon Trianon Gardens

Just across the street from the famous Moët & Chandon cellars in Champagne, France are their exquisite gardens. Only open to private visitors, or once a year to public visitors during the Fetes des Jardins, the grounds are aptly named after Marie-Antoinette’s famous personal palace at Versailles, Trianon. The proper name is the résidence de Trianon and the jardins de l’orangerie.

Manicured grounds with remarkable palm trees, exquisite lemon trees and ripe rosé pink rose bushes, this year’s artistic exhibit in the Orangerie at the far end of the grounds features photos of gardens throughout recent history. Gardens in pictures from Paris’s Luxembourg gardens to flowered grounds in other regions of France and abroad as far away as the U.S.

I was inspired so here is my humble offering to photographic historical record…

All photos © Paige Donner 2012

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