Bollinger’s 002 for 007 and It’s Global Champagne Day!

Fill the buckets with ice, get out those flutes and get ready to POP! that champagne cork. Today is Global Champagne Day!!

Timed perfectly with Global Champagne Day is the worldwide release of the newest James Bond installment, “Skyfall.”

bollingerskyfall cherieduvin.wordpress

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise, Bollinger has released a special edition of their vintage ’02 (an Excellent Year) named a fittingly Bollinger JamesBond 007. According to Mathieu Kauffmann, cellar master at Bollinger, La Grande Année 2002 is “the most exceptional vintage of the past decade.”

bollinger cherieduvin.wordpress

Believe it or not, the English actually drink more champagne than even the Americans do. Here are some interesting numbers, as recorded by the CIVC, the official Champagne Bureau who has offices in Champagne, the U.S. and other strategic geo-political points throughout the world.

France:  181.6 Million Bottles Per Year (of Champagne Consumed)

UK: 34.5

U.S. 19.4

Germany: 14.2

Belgium: 9.6

Japan: 7.9

Bond and Bollinger cherieduvin.wordpress

One thing’s for sure, Bond has good taste in champagne.

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2 thoughts on “Bollinger’s 002 for 007 and It’s Global Champagne Day!

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