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A few new developments from the Land of the Bubbly…

China Recognizes AOC Champagne Indication Geographique


Jean-Luc Barbier and Wang Wei, CIVC

As one of the world’s original AOCs, it is only fitting that China, lovers of prestige cuvées and big buyers of champagne, have come to officially recognize the appellation’s “Indication Geographique.”

According to the CIVC, champagne’s official bureau, this will effectively protect against any possible abuses of counterfeit or unauthorized use of the luxury product and authentication label, of “champagne.”

According to Wang Wei, the director of the CIVC’s Peking office, “This recognition permits us to use competent administrative avenues against limiting any labeling abuses which, for the moment, very few and instances that do occur are quickly and severely sanctioned.”

2012 saw a 52% increase in champagne exports to China relative to 2011, with total imports at two million bottles per year, and growing.  For the champagne market, China ranks #5 in market share just behind the EU.

Courtesy CIVC Communications

@♥Chérie Du Vin

Automatic Champagne Bottle Opener

For the many of us who still believe that Pop! means spells champagne, any good sommelier worth his shirt will tell you that that that “pop” is not at all kosher. The reasoning behind that is simple: champagne is so precious that you don’t want to spill a drop of it!

photo courtesy

Two French inventors, Jacques Pitoux and Piarrick Durex have come up with an automated bottle opener for champagne and other bubbly wines. They explain that though some purists might take offense at their innovation, there are many others – elderly and also women, they say –  who simply find wrestling with an explosive cork a bit taxing.

The item was a big hit at Spring’s Foire à Paris. The inventors demonstrated their Effervescent Bottle Opener shortly thereafter at a small press gathering held at Cattier champagne in the Montagne de Reims.

@♥Chérie Du Vin

Biodynamic Gains Entry In Exclusive Club Trésors de Champagne

Photo courtesy Club du Tresors

It had to happen sooner or later… Luckily for Sébastien Mouzon, it happened sooner. This winemaker from Verzy, whose family has been cultivating their grapes biodynamically since 2008, can now count themselves as members of the prestigious inner circle known as the Club Trésors de Champagne.

Seven of the family’s 10 hectares are being certified organic and biodynamic. The family has been in Verzy since 1776.  Interestingly, the domaine is planted with Chardonnay. The Montagne de Reims terroir lends their Chard more body without neglecting the variety’s elegance and finesse. The Mouzon-Leroux Champagne offers a delightful contrast for grower champagne connoisseurs to the more prevalent mineral-rich Chardonnay wines of the Côte des Blancs. The Club itself was created in 1971 and is considered an elite designation of high-quality grower champagnes.

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