Wines To Pair With Julia Child’s Lemon Butter Slathered Roast Chicken

by Paige Donner

Julia Child’s classic roast chicken recipe leans heavy on the butter and lemon – thank God and her good taste!

Parsley, celery leaves, diced onions and carrots get stuffed into the butter braised cavity while lemon, and more butter, get rubbed onto the chicken’s skin before roasting in the oven. You can find a wonderful recipe for it HERE.

For pairing:

AOC Touraine Domaine Gibault, Sauvignon 2012

AOC Quincy Domaine Philippe Portier 2012

AOC Sancerre Blanc Henri Bourgeois, La Chapelle des Augustins, 2011


These Loire Valley wines [Vins de Loire] are all good value. Their range is from white flowers on the nose to buttery in the mouth. The common thread is a lively minerality that pairs nicely with Julia’s Lemon-Butter Basted roast chicken. Can I hear a Who’s Coming For Sunday Dinner?




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