Food Books by French Authors Make Good Gifts

There’s a book about wine included in this lineup, by none other than Gérard Bertrand, one of the south of France’s biggest and most notable wine producers. Read all the way through to get to the wine parts…

Local Food And Wine

by Paige Donner

Any season is a good season to give the gift of an exquisite, illustrated book about food and/or wine. Here you will find three selections, all of which are authored by French experts in their fields of food and wine, Gérard Bertrand (wine), Eric Kayser (pâtisserie) and Régis Marcon (mushrooms). The books are printed in French, for now, but with such exceptional picture illustrations, they very easily span the cultural divide.

Champignons by Régis Marcon

Selected here are Régis Marcon’s book about Champignons, and I mean all kinds. This Loire-based three-star French chef came out with his book from Martinière publishing in 2013. In early December he won another accolade for it, this time from Champagne Collet who holds a culinary book competition every year, the Livre de Chef. The event’s official name is Champagne Collet du Livre de Chef and you can read more about it

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