Episode 18 Paris GOOD food + wine Loire Valley Wines

Local Food And Wine

Paige Donner, host-producer of Paris GOOD food + winebrings you a special sweet summer ’16 episode of the program, the first-ever English language radio show and podcast about French food and wine broadcast from Paris.

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In this show we’ll be looking at Loire Valley Wines in-depth. Reaching into our past show archives, when the program first started out and was called World of Wine, I have linked together separate episodes focusing on Loire Valley reds, whites, rosés, sparkling and also sweet wines.


So enjoy as you get ready for the upcoming harvest season. And hopefully enjoy with a glass of Loire Valley wines!

Happy End of Summer,


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Host-producer Paige Donner brings you Paris GOOD food+wine. The first-ever English language radio/podcast show about food and wine broadcast from Paris, France. For more goodness: Download the Paris Food And Wine APP in APP Store and…

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