Episode 20 Paris GOOD food + wine by Paige Donner host-producer

Local Food And Wine

Paige Donner, Host-Producer of Paris GOOD food + wine brings you Episode 20 in Season 3 of the show available on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn Radio. Also available on the Podcast Channel Network App (iOS and Android).

Episode 20 features an interview with Ara Starck, renowned French artist living in NYC who spent part of her summer in Bordeaux’s Bassin d’Arcachon where this interview took place, namely at Ha(a)itza, the newly opened resort interior designed by her father Philippe Starck featuring exquisite stained glass artwork by Ara.

Style: "02color"haaitza-pyla-sur-mer-photo-by-paige-donner-copyright-2016-img_9075Bordeaux Food And Wine w icon  thumbnail

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The second feature interview is with Arnaud Faugas, an artist and native Bordelais


whose whimsical illustrations and watercolors of the Bordeaux wine world has made him famous in the region and even further afield such as the US.

Recent showings of his work can be found in Bordeaux’s…

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