La Comtesse of Chateau St. Martin

by Paige Donner

Wines by the Comtesse Adeline de Barry of Chateau de St. Martin in France’s Var, Provence.


  • Bubbly:  Bulles de Rosé – the color of pink raspberries you’ll find this sparkling to have fine and regular bubbles with notes of red fruit on the mouth

  • White: Grande Reserve Blanc 2016 – pineapple, tilleul (linden blossoms) and exotic fruits 

  • Rose: Eternelle Favorite 2016 – color of wild peaches, notes of mango-passion in the mouth, very refined

  •            Grande Reserve Rosé 2016 pink gold in a glass; notes of peony, complex and creamy 

  • White: Comtesse Blanc 2015 – elegant and complex with aromas of fleur de lys; on the mouth expressions of white fruits like pear and apple, silky

  • Red: Grande Reserve Rouge 2014 – licorice and pink pepper bouquet; continued on the mouth with sweet spice hints

  •           Comtesse Rouge 2014 – fine and molten in the mouth, this bold red tantalizes with its bouquet of black fruit and hints of spice 

  • Dessert Wine: Vin Cuit de Provence –  cooked for 10 hours in the traditional artisanal Provençal method, this is a dessert or aperitif wine that pairs nicely with foie gras or any chocolate/caramel dessert; smoky notes with quince accents

  • IMG_6672

In 1740 a French family from the nobility became the owners of Chateau de Saint-Martin in the idyllic setting not far from St. Tropez in the South of France. The same family still owns this beautiful winemaking estate and runs its vineyards, producing exquisite Grand Crus Classés  rosés, whites and reds. Wine production on this site dates back all the way to the 2nd c. AD.

The ownership of the estate has passed from mother to daughter throughout the centuries with the exception of Count de Rohan Chabot who was the man who successfully championed the estate to be classified as a Grand Cru Classé in 1955.

The estate famously celebrates the wine lifestyle several times a year: Notably at Christmastime in the grand tradition of Provençal Christmas festivities. And also in the summer during their Rires dans les Vignes or “Comedy in the Vineyards” festival which will take place again this year in late July.

The Wines:

  • Bubbly:  Bulles de Rose
  • White: Grande Reserve Blanc 2016
  • Rose: Eternelle Favorite 2016
  •            Grande Reserve Rose 2016
  • White: Comtesse Blanc 2015
  • Red: Grande Reserve Rouge 2014 
  •           Comtesse Rouge 2014
  • Dessert Wine: Vin Cuit de Provence

 Route des Arcs – 83460 TARADEAU Tél : 04 94 99 76 76 – Fax : 04 94 99 76 77 Coordonnées GPS : 43°26’40’’N 06°26’05’’E


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