Episode 26: Le Cordon Bleu, Paris by Paris GOOD food + wine

Local Food And Wine

by Paige Donner

In order to record these interviews for Episode 26 of Paris GOOD food + wine, on alovely late spring afternoon recently, I took a quick bus ride over to the new Le Cordon Bleu Culinary and Cooking Institut.

cordon bleu 36520cordon bleu extThese new 4OOO sq Meter premises are located on the Quai across the river from the Radio France headquarters. The graceful self-contained building is within eyesight of the emblematic statue of liberty that graces the Ile des Cygnes in the middle of the Seine.

It’s the very statue that was used as the model for the one gifted to the United States from France which famously resides in NY City’s Harbor.

But, back to the Institute – Le Cordon Bleu has become, in the past century, the standard of cooking schools. The diplomas that the students receive after completing coursework here allow them to progress onto substantial…

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