a flask of Chateau Haut-Brion wine

Local Food And Wine

by Paige Donner (all photos copyright 2017 Paige Donner)

As Bordeaux’s very first wine château, is it any wonder that Haut-Brion still ranks with such stature in the world’s profile of wines and wine estates? Well, a measured answer would be both yes, and no.

It’s not a given that a wine or a wine estate with such deep-roots and a glorious past would be sheparded forward through the centuries in a fashion that continues to uphold what is best of the property and best for the wine.

On a recent visit to Château Haut-Brion, my first visit, in fact, I was told by the lovely Turid, the château’s press relations manager who has been with the property for 17 years, that Château Haut-Brion is rightfully considered the very first Bordelais wine-producing château as they have come to be known through the ages. Meaning: vineyards, wine production area…

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