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Bonjour♥  Chers Amis,

Paige Donner is a Certified Wine Locations Specialist. She is particularly specialized in Champagne and Port Wines.  

Please click here for her accreditation credentials.

 ♥Chériedu Vin You Will LOVE My Wine Picks!

Click HERE: for Interview by CO&M Champagne Journal – Paige Donner on Wine Tourism in Champagne and Bordeaux


Paige provides consultation and assistance to individuals, organizations and businesses as a wine expert specialized in French and California wines as well as Grower Champagnes.

She has written and spoken about wine in various on- and off-line outlets (International Herald Tribune, NY Times, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, BlackBook Magazine, Local Food And Wine, Overseas Radio, et al), and has been a panel speaker at events and conferences in the U.S. and abroad.


If you’d like to see if Paige can help you with your wine needs, or speak at your event, please contact her below or at LocalFoodAndWine [at] Gmail.  

–  ♥Chérie Du Vin  “You Will LOVE My Wine Picks!”



♥Chérie Du Vin

Twitter@♥Chériedu Vin

♥Chérie Du Vin - You will LOVE my wine picks!

You Will Love My Wine Picks!

@♥Chérie Du Vin     

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