Domaine du Rey Gros Manseng

by Paige Donner

Gros Manseng, Domaine du Rey, Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne

Tasting Notes: Golden light hued, forming a nice bead on the glass. Concentrated passionfruit, ripe fruit aromas, candied apple. Full-bodied and round. If you have been on the Moscato Madness Bandwagon, give this a try – you’ll be delightfully surprised!


The last variety to be harvested at the domaine in October to obtain a slightly over-mature grape. It is vinified alone to bring out the typicity of the varietal aromas resulting in a natural sweet wine that preserves the freshness and fruit. –  C. Almayrac


Pair With: As an aperitif or dessert wine. Good with foie gras, soufflé, white fruit desserts and blue-veined cheeses such as a nice Roquefort. Serve at 8ºC – 10ºC.

Production Notes: Aged 9 months on the lees in tank. Maceration on skins, controlled fermentation at 15ºC to obtain a naturally sweet wine that will maintain 35 to45g/l of residual sugar, depending on the year. As it ages it concentrates more grilled hazelnut and dried fruit aromas. Drink young or cellar 3-5 years. Medals: London International Wine Fair (2008); Bronze, Concours International des Vins de Lyon 2012 (vintage 2010).


Domaine du Rey – About

The Côtes de Gascogne is in that lush and beautiful Southwest region between Bordeaux and Toulouse. It’s knows as Armagnac country but as Domaine du Rey’s wines attest to, some wonderful white-variety grapes are grown in the region resulting in fresh, characterful white wines.

The terroir of the region can be described as a mixture of sands blown-in from the West, limestone sediment and soil deposits from the Pyrénées. The area is influenced by the Garonne River on one side of it and the Adour River to the south which flows into the Atlantic at Bayonne. These are the two rivers that demarcate this Southwest region of France.

The owners of Domaine du Rey, Claude Almayrac and family, attest that their 26 ha. of Vin de Pays des Côtes de Gascogne evidence the same or similar characteristics of that of the famed Ténerèze of Armagnac terroir: mixture of clay-limestone soil from near Condom (the town), detritus deposits washed down from the Pyrénées and white sand from Bas Armagnac. Domaine du Rey also has gravelly soils.

In addition to the richness the diversity of the soil lends the maturing grapevines, the Southern and Eastern sun exposures also allow for a slow-developing ripening and maturation. They grow five dominant grape varieties in their vineyards: Colombard, Ugni Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Gris and Gros Manseng. The vines’ average age is about 20 years.   Domaine du Rey – 32330 GONDRIN (FRANCE)


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