Domaine Sangouard-Guyot Burgundy Pouilly-Fuissé « Ancestral » 2010

Domaine Sangouard-Guyot Burgundy Pouilly-Fuissé « Ancestral » 2010

domaine sangouard guyot pouilly fuisse ancestral 2010 Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes : Perfectly balanced wine. Nose is complex – exotic fruits, citrus, acacia. Mouth is fruit, flowers and minerality; full-bodied, round. Ever so delicate honey and vanilla undertones. This wine is everything you expect from this distinguished Burgundian appellation. 13.5% alc.

Production Notes : From the Ronchevat plot, a parcel planted with 40 year old vines on clay-limestone soils of Jurassic origin. It’s one of the best plots of Vergisson. According to Pierre-Emmanuel, the winemaker, it’s the clay that gives this wine its structure and provides the richness, opulence. This cuvée is left in 3-5 year old barrels, just as his forebears used to do. It’s stirred weekly as it rests on the lees. IWSC 2012 Gold Medal.

Pair With : Steamed mussels in a butter-lemon broth. Can drink now or hold another 2 – 10 years. As it ages can accompany white meats – chicken, pork roast – in cream sauces. Exquisite with foie gras. Also on its own. Serve at 12 – 13°C.

”Wine gives a man nothing…it only puts in motion what had been locked up in frost.” – Samuel Johnson

You could say this is a quote that sums up Domaine Sangouard-Guyot’s philosophy, or at least, the philosophy of Pierre-Emmanuel and Catherine Sangouard, who are the current generation of their respective families to run the winery. The vineyards have been in the same families since the end of the 18th c. The current estate that Pierre-Emmanuel and his wife, Catherine, run is a combination of his family estates and her family estates.

They follow a vinification process tailored to each of their parcels, 34 in all. In this way, they feel, their Chardonnay can find perfect expression and elegance in all its ranges. They cultivate a total of 11.2 ha., exclusively Chardonnay. They plow their parcels which aerates the earth and allows the vines to find their needed nutrients. The harvest is done by hand; In fact, all the work they do in their vineyards is by hand. That includes the trimming that they do, which is high and close, so that the grapes can optimize the sun and photosynthesis for maturation. Any treatments they do on their vines are done “solo,” that is, side by side in each row directly onto each vine and with respect to nature and the environment.

In 2011 they built a new winery which includes a new pressing room and underground cellar as well as a vat cellar, a barrel cellar and a storage cellar. These new facilities were completed just in time (August 31, 2011) for the 2011 harvest which began on September 1st of that year. The new facilities allow for the Sangouards to facilitate their winemaking using new technologies while respecting their traditions at the same time. Their new cellars are at one and the same time ecological due to their low energy consumption and their year-round naturally cool temperatures are perfect to age their wines.

Domaine Sangouard-Guyot, Vergisson (Burgundy), France

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