Signargues “Vieilles Vignes” 2010

Signargues “Vieilles Vignes” 2010
Vignerons du Castelas, Appellation Côtes du Rhône Villages Contrôlée

Signargues vieilles vignes vignerons du castelas cherieduvin.wordpressTasting Notes : Dark red, mature fruits. On the nose you are delighted with blackberry, violet, pepper. On the palate is a mild spice, less fruit, and when decanted the backbone expresses itself more and the fruit not so much. Delicate wood. This wine is a good-natured expression of the Signargues terroir. Full-bodied, round, balanced.

Production Notes : 40% Grenache, 40% Shiraz, 20% Carignan. The oak barrel aging of this wine softens the tannins and gives expression to its mature fruits. 13.5% alc. Gold Medal Winner in Orange (town in heart of Châteauneuf-du-Pape) in 2010.

Pair With : Roasted meats, also in sauce, and “gibiers.” Even gamey poultry, like wild goose. Soft, aged, white cheese. Serve at 15-16°C.

Signargues is an appellation and a terroir that spans four villages: Rochefort du Gard, Saze, Domazan and Estézargues. Rochefort du Gard was one of the first districts – in 1933 – to be included in France’s AOC designation, known at the time as Designation of Origin. The Côtes du Rhône was the first area of France. Since 2005, a part of the Côtes du Rhône Villages is now claimed as Côtes du Rhône Villages Signargues.

The land boasts two great and distinct terroirs, a sandy loam pliocène and Shingle Terraces of the plateau de Signargues. In the last four years, the Vignerons du Castelas have invested 2.1 € million in their technical processing and production equipment. Some of the improvements are: Grape traceability; Chiller system; Air conditioned storehouse for the wines; And a production monitoring system.

The Castelas, the 11th c. Romanesque chapel perched on top of the village of Rochefort du Gard, is where the name of the winery, Les Vignerons du Castelas, derives from.
Les Vignerons du Castelas – 30650 Rochefort du Gard – France

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