Szamorodni Tokaji- Samuel Tinon

by Paige Donner

Recently I had the chance to taste a Szamorodni 1971, a Tokaji « Grand Liquoreux »  made by Samuel Tinon.

This was only the second time I’ve tasted a Tokaj so I daresay that from herein out my palate is completely spoilt. I understand, too, now, why it is said that this was the preferred wine of King Louis XIV.

Samuel Tinon Szamorodni – Tokaji

I do enjoy France’s Sauternes, but aside from their both being sweet wines, the two varieties  have little else in common.

It was explained to me that the Tokaji Sweet Szamorodni is a lighter version of the great Tokaji Aszù, the more famous Tokaj wine. In Polish « szamorodni » means « like it comes. » Connoisseurs find it a surprising wine and the French wine critics Bettane & Desseauve put it in its own class and category as a « Meditation Wine. »

The color is gold, a beautiful gold. The nose gives over to aromas of lemon, quince, almonds, orange zest then citrus and a bit of toast. A smooth body, delicate and spicy. It is an elegant and refreshing wine.

Serve at 10°C and in big glasses to allow for the wines’ aromatic complexity to be enjoyed.

For Aperitif : Dried fruits, nuts, almonds, cocktail toasts with blue cheeses

Starters : Fresh melon, foie gras

Desserts : Macarons, lemon tart, marzipan, fruit tarts, desserts with nuts and almonds

By themselves, in front of a fireplace or a multi-hued evening sunset overlooking a tranquil setting, one that invites a meditative moment.

Technical notes : There is no sulphur added ; residual sugar is at 115 g/l. Grape varieties are 90% Furmint and 10% Harslevelü. Hungarian State control gave this a 10/10.

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